Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, you can make sweat pants look hot!!

It's a lazy day. You only have a few things to do, and only a few places to go; maybe a morning class, or an afternoon grocery store run. Do you really want to get all dressed up for that? The answer is NO. Yes, it is possible to look hot in sweat pants! Just read on, and I'll tell you my tips and tricks to successfully look sexy in your comfy outfit.

  • Make your sweatpants a little bit form fitting. This will make you look less sloppy, and when your sweatpants are form fitting, you can get away with wearing a more flowy top for the days that you are feeling particularily bloated.
  • If your sweatpants are a little bit on the baggy side, even out the look with a form fitting top. A baggy top + baggy sweatpants = sloppy and lazy.
  • Gray sweatpants are boring. Try opting for a brighter color! The Victoria's Secret Pink line has great, inexpensive styles. These styles are also very fashionable.
  • When you are wearing bright sweatpants, the best color top to wear is white,because it goes with virtually anything. If you are wearing purple sweatpants, with pink lining, do not try to match a pink shirt. 9 times out of 10, you will clash and look like a hot mess.
  • Baggy jackets with your sweatpants just do not work, unless you are jogging!
  • Do not forget about your makeup and hair! Sweatpants + bedhead + yesterday's makeup just screams, "I just woke up!" Granted, it's easy to look cute in sweatpants, it will still take a little work. Do not neglect your hair. Take some time to straighten it, braid it, put it in a neat pony tail, do whatever you need to do! And as for your makeup, you don't need to be elaborate on it. Just a little foundation, a layer of mascara, and a dab of blush if you wear it, and you are rocking the natural look!

A rule of thumb is, if you want to wear sweatpants, nobody is going to stop you. I once had a friend that said he would never be caught dead wearing them in public. But why not? I see many people successfully look cute in them, when they follow the basic rules I mentioned above. So break out your sweatpants every now and then! Go ahead, be comfy for the day! You work hard all week looking good, and as long as you're not going out to a fancy restauarant, I do not see anything wrong with successfully rocking your sweatpants.

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